Secretly! Kate Hudson catches Tom Cruise by sneaking into her house!


He was not invited and decided to introduce himself

What does not happen in Hollywood does not happen anywhere, hence it is the mecca of cinema and that the most impossible and less likely scripts can see the light here. And there are times when the truth is stranger than fiction, especially if Tom Cruise is one of the protagonists of the story and the other is Kate Hudson watching the actor sneaks at home!

She is neither a supreme being nor her characters have a life after finishing the movie, but Cruise seems not to have noticed it. Or she does not like to spend it at the most elitist parties and chooses to sneak in even though they haven’t invited her!

Kate Hudson intended that the party of her parents was the most, the most commented and with personalities of all sizes, that her parents trusted her so that everything went great was a huge responsibility and she did not want to disappoint.

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Keeping uninvited guests out of @KateHudson and @TheOliverHudson’s parties was "Mission Impossible."

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But the actor had no intention of making things easy …

If the actress’s parents forgot to send the invitation to the actor, if the letter was lost before arriving at their home or if they never thought of him as a guest, they will never know.

The fact is that the interpreter found out about the party … and decided to sneak in!

Not even the fence of almost three meters that the parents of the interpreter had at the entrance of their house could curb the desire of the actor to arrive at the party, she took out her side ‘Mission Impossible’ and ended up arriving at Sarao!

The funny thing is that when Kate saw someone climbing the fence, she thought about throwing herself on him … until she saw her face and knew who she was!

This is an episode of the life of the actors of some time ago when not being invited to the parties of the greats of Hollywood was like being artistically banished and Cruise could not allow it.

Today they laugh at the anecdote and tell it on shows, but the truth is that Tom slipped in, and was not invited.