It leaves you stingy! Al Pacino premieres series and singleness at the same time!


You can console yourself with success in mind

Life gives you one of lime and another of sand, neither everything goes on wheels nor there is happiness without sorrow, it is a fact. Al Pacino is the clearest example of much success and some more bad luck shared in the same vital moment. He has just released the most anticipated series and while he savored the more than predictable arrival of the applause, his girlfriend has left him!

Let’s go by parts.

The actor is about to release the series ‘Hunters’ a thiller of the latest generation that will be released on Amazon Prime and that they say will only have ten episodes.

Infiltrates, Nazi hunters and the intention of reinstating the ‘fourth Reich’ are a constant in the episodes in which Al Pacino will make a perfect millionaire, he did not even refuse to be tattooed on his arm with identifying numbers similar to those who took prisons in concentration camps.

Premiere has all the looks of being fantastic and that has been overshadowed by the decision of Meital Dohan, his girlfriend for some time, to leave the interpreter, among other things, for stingy.

And this is not the first time that more than one of Hollywood has been heard despite what he earns is not very generous to those around him …

The actress also acknowledges that the age difference between them – in front of the actor’s 79, she is 43 – already made the relationship difficult, but that still made her want and tried to keep her afloat. The trigger that sent everything to the trash without the possibility of going back was that the actor is stingy!

The Israeli says that throughout her engagement she received only a bouquet of flowers from the actor, the interpreter does not like to spend the money!

And she likes the details …

He says he keeps a good memory of the actor and that he considers him a friend, but calling him stingy and ‘entered into years’ can be saying goodbye to this kind of friendship.