He takes it from Barcelona! Antonella Roccuzzo confirms it


Monumental mess with Leo Messi

Rumors and speculation follow. Because, in his latest statements, Leo Messi did nothing but add fuel to the fire, criticizing the board, especially Eric Abidal, which further away from him from Barça. Of course, to calm people’s spirits, he also said that he is fully happy in Barcelona, ​​and that, if it were for him, he would stay with his eyes closed. What is clear is that it will not do so if things continue that way, and do not change dramatically in the coming weeks. At the moment, he has nothing signed with anyone, but he is completely free to do so since he has a liberation clause that would make him a free agent this summer.

And, for the moment, there is no planned move. Although he was surprised by his latest ‘post’, which Antonella Roccuzzo also shared, in which they announced, surprisingly, that his show, ‘Messi 10’, produced by the famous Circus of the Sun, ends his adventure in Barcelona. There, they have been performing practically three months, and have received countless visits, including, from several teammates and former teammates and teammates. But, from next February 27, and until March 7, it will be located in Doha, Qatar. A whole marketing strategy, take your ‘show’ to a country rich in money, and, interestingly, sponsors Barça. Chance or not, the reality is that.

“I can not believe it, you take it there before Argentina, you are a seller”, “If you have not had the opportunity to see it, I recommend it 100%, really”, “It shows that it is already more focused on the business world, like Gerard Piqué ”,“ I would like to know how much he will charge for that ”,“ The more money you have, the more you want ”or“ There the Qataris enjoy it ” was just a few comments.