Gwyneth Paltrow becomes the boss and Hollywood surrenders to her!


It was clear in the rules to follow

Gwyneth Paltrow is determined to preach in the desert if with this she takes a profitable slice in the form of euros, she should consider leaving the interpretation and moving to the world of finance, she would not do anything wrong! Just a few days ago, it became the mandamás of  Hollywood when it managed to gather the most grenades of that area under one roof and following very strict rules!

Now that she has become a  businesswoman and owner of the Goop firm – the one with the body-scented candles that have not taken long to hang the sold-out sign once they have seen the market – she has just released a new makeup line and Total valuation of this entire empire is over 200 million dollars!

And this is where the visionary Paltrow has seen the possibility of expanding business … with an impromptu party of friends and celebrities!

The idea was to gather a lot of pretty faces – mainly women – under the same roof and under strict protocol rules: no makeup even if all wrinkles were noticed.

Gwyneth preached with the example wearing a clean face and her soul friend Demi Moore did too. Even Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend, Alexandra Grant, older than the previous ones, also dared to attend the event without any dressing.

And she took the opportunity to promote her Goop Glow among her most intimate group, skin products that promise the impossible!

How will your friends take advantage of the event to increase sales? Will they all be faithful to the actress’s products?

Apparently the attendees were delighted not to have to throw themselves in front of the mirror for a long time trying to make invisible what cannot be done.

And that some skipped the rules and dared not leave home without anything. Stylist Rachel Zoe dared to break the rules and appear with mascara in her eyes and with lip gloss.

At the next meeting of friends organized by Paltrow or company, they do not invite her, of that we are very sure.