Elianis Garrido breaks records dancing like this at carnival! Video and madness!


The party is going to the Colombian

Elianis Garrido had already demonstrated long ago that her thing with the choreographies was going for a long time and that it was not a whim of a day. If she approached the side of Liz Dany Campo, the teacher of Champeta for Shakira herself, to learn how to move in this way and today the Barranquilla carnivals hallucinate with the dance of Garrido!

It was not necessary to look for the excuse of the carnivals to go out and surrender to the debauchery, although since it is a time of disguises and chirigotas, why not give the choreography and make it clear again who is the most dancing?

And although we had no doubt, the Colombian has done it again … the city is small with the movements of the actress!

Not even the Sambadrome would have been enough to welcome  Garrido and all her companions!

Characterized as a butterfly, Elianis is dedicated to moving body as if it were her life, neither stops nor stops smiling with each of her movements, does anyone dare to do something similar to what she does?

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It is not the first time that the Mexican publishes her skills with rhythm and dance, it is even possible that she was the one in charge of the choreography of the parade and the choice of dancers who do not do anything wrong either!

It caused a furor in Guacherna 2020 and they even got an award as ‘Best illuminated group’ and that despite the success of the Illinois parade, he had to hear questions about her weight and the lack of a few extra pounds in her body.

And all to show again that he keeps up the rhythm in her veins and that he dares with anything that involves movement, thankfully, they don’t care about it!