Amanda Bynes engaged – met the man in detoxification


Retired teen star Amanda Bynes, who has a heart tattoo on her face, is engaged to a man named Paul Michael. He has known the man for a couple of months. She needs permission from her parents and court to get married because she is under guardianship because of her mental health problems.

In addition to substance abuse problems, Amanda Bynes has at least schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. She had previously escaped from her care unit but eventually settled with her parents. She also took a heart-shaped tattoo on her cheek. Almost nothing is known about the engaged man since he is not a celebrity. The couple has met in the AA club.

Amanda Bynes’s life went downhill seven years ago due to substance abuse and mental health problems. Now, a 33-year-old woman started using drugs at the age of 16. The woman has spent long periods in a closed ward in compulsory care.