The fans got their way – Justin Bieber finally drove his mustache


Pop star Justin Bieber has been interacting more with his fans lately with the release of new music. Justin Bieber was also featured in a series of YouTube documentaries about his career, his profile, his career, his relationship, and his music.

The man returned from his break in a rather carefree style. Justin Bieber attended interviews in tracksuits and caps, plus the pop star had raised his mustache. The mustache never seemed to please the fans and they also let it be heard.

Fans barked at Justin Bieber’s mustache on social media and repeatedly begged the man to drive them away. Now their prayers have finally been answered. Justin Bieber published a new self-image showing him as a silo. He says that the mustache has gone on holiday, but warns his followers that the mustache is still coming back.