Something happens to her! Eiza González puts on her shirt and what she looks worried about


Problems and haven’t told?

It must be recognized that celebrities have developed a certain ability to turn a deaf ear to criticism, it would be living if they did not! because popularity has its face less good. This time the objective of all the comments have gone to Eiza González, will she be able to do as if she did not listen to them?

The actress is news every day, some because she celebrates Valentine’s Day with an alleged friend and others because she is going to watch a game with another boy even friendlier than the previous one.

Today they have not caught her in a moment of friendship, today the most faithful of the Mexican have realized that something happens to Eiza because she looks extremely thin!

Have you noticed what your ribs are marked? Isn’t it true that the singer has shrunk?

And all for going to an art gallery and dressing alternately but according to the exhibition, it occurred to her to tie a knot in her shirt and from there the controversy broke out!

Make no mistake, they are not defined muscles what Eiza teaches with her outfit, they are bones, ribs that give away the interpreter, she needs to take the weight or take a vacation because her followers have been worried to see her!

The one in Mexico has never had to deal with problems of extra kilos because it has always been of a fine type, but with the weight of now, it has passed!

New measures for script needs? Or does something really happen and you don’t want to make it public?

González seems to have learned very well that of selectively listening to everything that is said about her because she has not paid any attention. It is not expected to respond.

It is best to let it pass, the lesson that every famous person learns to let criticism not affect her.