As we told you, for the first time in three years, Rainbow Six Siege celebrated new champions at the Six Invitational: incredible Spacestation Gaming.

Niclas ” Pengu ” Mouritzen, the leading player of the – now ex – legends of the competitive scene of R6, in an interview explained how the ” fear of failure ” led the team to become the protagonist of performances not up to par.

The seventh-eighth place represents the worst result at a Six Invitational in the history of the European organization. The two-time world champions (under G2 flag, 2018 and 2019) were eliminated at the beginning of the knockout phase losing against Fnatic and the Ninja in Pajamas.

In addition, for much of last year, the G2s have not lived up to their name, thanked at the last moment by a direct invitation from Ubisoft. Pengu, in this regard, expressed himself completely sincerely: ” … it’s fantastic to have obtained a place at the Invitational, but I don’t think we should have been invited “. ” Everyone deserved to be here for merit and for qualifying but I also think that, despite our terrible situation, we played well”. “Technically speaking, however, we were the worst team. We have passed over half the teams, and I’m happy. But if I had been able to choose, I would have preferred not to have received an invitation. “

The main problem, according to Pengu, was the lack of stability: “ We have made changes to the roster for the first time since we are in the G2. Aleksi “UUNO” Tyopponen joined us and in December Daniel “Goga” Mazorra Romero ( gone to Vitality ) was dismissed, then Pascal “Cryn” Alouane arrived and immediately after he was put on the bench to let Ferenc “SirBoss” play. Meretz (on loan from the Penta) just before the Six Invitational “.

Furthermore, after several failures throughout the year and having qualified only with an invitation to Montreal, the pressure and fear of not being up to it was immense. ” It was evident in the first two matches that we were comfortable and confident. It is against Fnatic that the fear of failure started .”

However, Pengu remains optimistic for this year. The team is in fact already thinking about the Invitational of 2021 and has several innovations in the pipeline, such as transferring the team to a gaming house in Berlin for the first time. ” It’s the first team house experience for all of us. We are moving from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, England to Berlin. For example, Kanto has never lived alone, so he is scared to death .”

Can G2s rise from their ashes and kick off another winning season? Only time will tell because the competitive 2020 R6 will be truly demanding and full of pitfalls still unknown.