Eva Andressa’s mini short is so small that it doesn’t cover anything!


She wants us to see her like this

We are faced with the dilemma of the century, before one of the most difficult dilemmas we have faced and which has the name Eva Andressa. And we do not know what to say. Because while it is true that it raises passions it is also true that there are those who do not see any coherence between their physique and their face …, and see that she insists on making things easy for us by wearing her famous shorts!

It can be understood that some think that Eva has overreacted in the use of weights and in her sporting time … have they realized the size of her muscles? And the outline of your quadriceps?
But otherwise, the nickname of the fitness queen would make no sense in her, right?

We already knew about the sports excesses of Yuliett Torres, about Michelle Lewin’s passion for weights even when the vacuum cleaner passes by her house but Eva’s thing manages to leave the rest small because none is as immense as the Brazilian one!

That is why she uses shorts so small that they do not cover more than the minimum, there are no pants legs that can cover such size!

And since she turned 17 she was clear that her thing with fitness was going to be for a lifetime and the problems to dress too!

And it is that among Andressa’s intentions they are not at all to hide their greatness or hide their volume. She likes to leave with her mouth open, and what better way to do it than wearing clothes of a minimum size that leaves us all with her mouth open?

Defined in excess but with a lot of followers who like what they see, this is Eva and has no intention of modifying her tastes.