Would you guess which one? Daniel Craig’s best James Bond is …


Criticism matches this character

Since Daniel Craig announced that this would be the last time we would see him incarnate agent 007, the followers of the character and the actor count the hours to see him on the big screen. James Bond regains its appeal and sex appeal again as usual! in the best of Craig’s roles.

‘No time to die’ has managed to unite a lot of familiar faces on the same film, even in the soundtrack, with  Billie Eilish at the controls and before getting a statuette, they announce a film that has nothing to do with previous.

The action is still the main trigger of the film and Daniel Craig defends as never before the role of a gallant who falls in love with everyone who falls to his side without forgetting the mission that he has in his hands. In this installment of Bond, the action and the return to the origins of the saga are guaranteed.

Not even the presence of  Ana de Armas or the clues about the development of the film that Billie Eilish gives with her soundtrack are able to push us back with the intention of watching the movie. A Daniel Craig already entered in years has left the skin in the best interpretation of Agent 007 since the time of Sean Connery, will it be his way of saying goodbye to the character and the public?

Now that a new trailer of the film has just seen the light, we can assure that the nerves in full bloom and the lack of air will be a constant during the almost two hours of the tape.

A cool way to say goodbye to a most charismatic character.