Shakira makes it happen when nobody believed her capable, not even Piqué


The Colombian leaves everyone with her mouth open

After the celebration of the final of the Super Bowl final, the  Colombian  Shakira has had a few days of relaxation that she has really thanked after hard weeks of work to prepare an event with an unparalleled media echo. And after that accumulation of tension and nerves, Shakira released her all on stage during the 14 minutes of the show.

And that discharge after a moment of such intensity leaves a feeling of tranquility, happiness and above all fatigue difficult to imagine. That is why the coffee maker had in its calendar marked the days after the concert as rest days, total vacations. So much so that truly Shakira has been off the map for a few days until duty has knocked on her door again.

A few hours ago the Colombian singer has posted on her Instagram a photo where she can be seen dressed in gold and promoting the recorded documentary of her last tour made during 2019. There were many people who thought that Shakira could not sing again because of those serious problems in her vocal cords. In fact, even she thought at some point that she could not sing again and although her boy, Gerard Piqué, always encouraged her to keep trying, she was also of the opinion that Shak would have to retire.

That is why the Barranquilla is especially proud of what it has achieved based on personal work and not giving up at any time. This tour is undoubtedly the one that has cost the most to the international star but that is precisely why it has given her the most satisfaction. 

Shakira’s plans for this 2020 are yet to be seen but if nothing unexpected happens Shak will continue to shine wherever she goes and her voice will continue to sound for a long time. You can say that Shakira still has a rope for a while …