Try to focus attention on other things

Since Harry and Meghan felt that it was best for them to set aside their royal obligations, Isabel II is in living. The kingdom is falling apart and she no longer knows what to do so that her subjects continue to look at her with the same fervor. Although Kate Middleton is always the resource to lend a hand … even more so if it’s about raising the crown!

Since Meghan fled, Kate was absolutely certain that her role was to be that of a royal joker, to help her majesty the queen so that the comments would only remain in that while she extolled the crown and the family. And to be obedient you have to recognize that you are good.

With the waters so rough that the Dukes of Sussex have left nothing better than to talk about motherhood, children, and hyper energy during pregnancy. And nobody better than Guillermo’s wife to talk about it.

The Duchess of Cambridge has gone to a radio show where she has brought to light the least beautiful moments of motherhood with the intention of running a thick veil over everything that is happening now through Canada with Meghan and family.

And apparently, the tactic has been successful … and Kate has been strengthened to the detriment of Meghan!

Middleton took revenge … and has managed to get attention!

Between the madness of motherhood, the way she raises her three children and how difficult it is to pose before the cameras hours after bringing a child into the world, Kate has again won the favor of her people.

Meghan is going to have to make many merits to achieve a minimum part of what her sister-in-law achieved …

Many minutes of maternity in the air and closeness have made for a moment the palace crisis was forgotten, until Meghan returns to the streets with her photos … or with her decisions!