No one does it like her! Tammy Hembrow recorded in the middle of the mess!


It does great.

The Instagram feeling, Tammy Hembrow, makes Fitness modeling look easy. On more than one occasion she has left the public speechless. After becoming a mother, being a businesswoman, fitness model and others, she has enough time to look amazing and keep in mind that dumbbell lifting is one of the simplest things, practically nothing. 

A few days ago she posted a series of videos on Instagram where she shows herself doing her training routine. She wears a red sports outfit from her Saski Collection sports line, which fits her figure like a second skin and makes training routines exciting with such exquisite clothing.

In the publication, the Australian says“ When I am super stressed, I feel the greatest need to train and I always feel much better afterward. Sometimes life gets hectic, so make sure to take some time for yourself . Excellent words from such a star.

Tammy Hembrow and her vision in Saski Collection

As mentioned earlier, Tammy owns a clothing line called Saski Collection. From there she exhibits amazing pieces that she often wears. Their costumes range from sportswear, bathing suits to sweaters. The most characteristic is that they are designed in pastel, neutral and fluorescent tones, simple tones that give a youthful and sensual appearance at the same time. 

Tammy has taken advantage of her growing fame to gain a foothold in the fashion world with Saski Collection and create her own Fitness app called Tammy Hembrow Fitness, from where she provides routines and meal programs. 

Tammy Hembrow is a great entrepreneur and definitely a woman you would like to surround yourself with, being so talented and giving 100% in everything she does. We will see what events take place this year 2020 with this girl. Much remains to be defined with so much time ahead and the right tools.