Watch a full game of Doom Eternal’s Battlemode mode


Last year it was announced that Doom Eternal would have Battlemode mode, which would allow you to play with Doom Slayer or with two demons. The  IGN YouTube channel shows us a few dynamics in the following video.

The Battlemode gives you the option to test the single-player experience and your battlefield skills, as well as collaborative work between two demons, it is a new reality in this new one that deserves to be tested. As Hugo Martin, creative director of the game mentions, “ It’s a skill against teamwork and tactics … Teamwork and tactics for demons, and skill for the Assassin. A cat and mouse game “

The mechanics in this way are quite obvious and simple, though complex to perform: Doom Slayer must try to annihilate the demons, while the demons must try to end Doom Slayer. But it is not so simple since if one of these demonic creatures dies, it has the possibility of resurrecting while the other demon remains alive. On the other hand, if your goal is Doom Slayer, you will not have it easy, since it comes prepared with all the artillery.

Another of the techniques that can be seen is the use of stealth by Doom Slayer to confuse demons, while they, in turn, can engender other creatures. It’s well thought out this way, don’t you think

It should be noted that Battlemode will be the main multiplayer mode of Doom Eternal, since the traditional model, used in the Doom 2016 reboot, was not popular enough, as mentioned by executive producer Marty Stratton to IGN last year.

Doom Eternal arrives on March 20. Do not miss it.

Are you eager to try the Domo Eternal Battlemode?