Video! Carmen Villalobos appears emaciated and triggers alarms!


It has affected her a lot to end the series

Since Carmen Villalobos decided to get rid of the mane that has accompanied her since the beginning of ‘Without breasts there is paradise’ it seems that the same thing has happened to the Samson of the legend: the strength has gone. It is still great but it looks quite different, according to many of its followers and ourselves, it looks a bit worse!

And it is that once known what has been the end of Catalina Santana there have been few who have agreed with her, the protagonist deserved otherwise but the director of the series did not consider another option as final . Little acceptance by fans of the series and some disgust on Carmen’s part … she didn’t like it either!

And since her long hair was also the symbol of Catalina, once she finished her role, drastic haircut and long hair at the shoulders, other papers and … another look!

Yes, it is true that you notice a certain morriña in the actress, that she misses her character and that the same sadness has led her to eat something less because without a doubt Carmen has lost enough weight!

All the unconditional of the Colombian we know the body of the interpreter at the finger, we know the size of its curves and its proportions. And some of that is missing in the body of the actress we see today.

It seems that Carmen ‘has diminished’ but not in height but in body, isn’t it true that Caicedo’s wife gives the feeling of being a small thing?

And we have never seen her like this before …

Grief, stress or excessive exercise take its toll on anyone.

Some would be happy to hear that they look thinner, but Carmen was perfect before, even with the odd kilo.