Through the streets of Turkey and with those shorts! Sveta Bilyalova is overcome!


So it’s easy to pack

Sveta Bilyalova is one of those who can use a cabin suitcase to travel a whole month to the other side of the world,  her little models occupy the same as a pair of well-folded socks. In addition to not spending much time preparing luggage, she has a suit for each day because the size of her clothes is always the same!

The truth is that the model is used to walking with these types of sets, when not for work reasons and most of the time for their own taste. Because Russian is one of those who does not like to keep anything … and share it with all her followers!

Young, with half the world behind her and with another half pending of her publications, can you ask for more with her age?

And although all her publications are the protagonist of her figure, they all get the same amount of likes.

Do you notice the amount of time you spend maintaining your body? How not to wear it!

This time Sveta has traveled to Istanbul with luggage like the usual, short shorts and a top to accompany it, do you need anything else in the streets of Turkey to get attention?

And besides little clothes, video games always in the suitcase

The same shortage of Sveta fabric is not so much to look like to have space in the suitcase to carry your video games. The model has confessed to being a geek of consoles, her hobby and the most entertaining way she has of killing all that time that passes between planes, and it’s a lot!

Judging by the model she has chosen and by the size of the garments she is sure to travel with more technology than cloth, each one makes the suitcase as she pleases!