She didn’t think twice! Luisana Lopilato accepts the challenge in the gym!


Didn’t you think of another better place?

Luisana Lopilato has learned to put a good face on life that she doesn’t remember if she was ever seen with another gesture on her face that wasn’t a smile. Even in the gym, where she acknowledges that she is very boredMichael Bublé’s wife smiles … because she always manages to look for something to entertain herself even there!

Argentina takes care of itself and every day it approaches the gym to devote some time to the sport. But neither the background music nor the conversations she exchanges with her companions make Luisana entertain herself. You are bored by squats and series … and look for an alternative that distracts you for a while.

Anything works for you … and anything you can find a second use … even if it is a simple bottle of water.

Luisana has remembered the challenge that not long ago circulated through the networks and that was to throw a bottle of water into the air so that it could fall on its feet, one of those challenges suitable only for some tricky.

The ” bottle challenge” not only has a hashtag but thousands of victims who have published their achievements and Lopilato have become one of them!

From what you can see, Argentina does not have a very good hand in this … but it tries and has no intention of giving up.

Seeing the results, many of us would have already thrown in the towel, wouldn’t it be better if she went back to the sport and gave up on this?

It is not known how many times Argentina launched the bottle at the rhythm of Jennifer Lopez until she succeeded. She got angry, tried again and after many pitches finally! She got the bottle to end upstanding.

This time flew into the gym for Luisana!