She blew them up! The jeans of Alexa Dellanos could not stand so much!


It does not notice it?

e has lost count of the times Alexa Dellanos has suffered a mishap with clothing. When it is not the top part it is the part that leads under, and sometimes both. This time it seemed like it was going to be different … but not at all! Alexa has done her thing again with jeans.

The excuse was to go out for a drink, go casual and leave everything you always have at home. No short dresses or strident, simple jeans and a top.

So far, everything normal – and that in Alexa’s life the word normalcy has no place – until she chose the least suitable pants!

Did you gain some weight or return with a size less in your purchases?

She could get into her pants, she could put them on, but … the fabric can’t stand so much pressure!

Broken legs … the last shout of what she wears in pants and Alexa unintentionally wears it!

Did anyone see any gesture of discomfort on the face of Myrka’s daughter? You can tell she is used to it …

And it shouldn’t be, at least now that she has become a partner, model or face that shows everything she is told to wear in the ‘Fashion Nova’ house. Collaborator of the firm and mannequin of its models, will its taste for the smallest have triumphed or will the brand have set itself in a big way?

For now, and to continue giving the note, Alexa chooses the table to sit, between the plates and instead of the seat and as anyone would do, perhaps that is why it is held in high esteem and considered the main course … or dessert!

Tomorrow she will go shopping again and choose other jeans, although the sure size will remain the same.