Shannon de Lima boasts volume: Photo showing it!


She doesn’t cut a hair

Shannon de Lima caused a furor in her last photo. After being news all over the planet for her recent statements, in which she affirmed her desire to be a mother again and made all the alarms go off, the Venezuelan tried to distract people’s attention and be on everyone’s lips for other reasons. For that reason, she decided to hang an image that appeared lightly in clothes and with a long text, two things that never fail to sneak into the covers of various media. Although, of course, having her beauty and her body also helps a lot to get everything she wants.

Returning to the snapshot, the pair of James Rodriguez was seen on her knee, resting on a kind of mat of very small size, so as not to hurt herself. And she wore leggings with a print with transparencies that showed her leg and marked her strong and muscular legs, and a top that barely covered little more than her innkeepers because she left the whole belly in the air. Undoubtedly, it is a daring and sensual set, used to play sports, and also to raise the temperature in social networks. 

“We came back! So to eat balanced … That means leaving the candy (which makes me suffer) who knows me, but I start tomorrow because I go to the cinema and then there we all get hurt … Sorry photo before always dignified training, never unworthy !!! ” It was the message with which Shannon accompanied the ‘post’.

“What a beautiful woman”, “What a way to show off your body”, “How sensual”, “Shannon has a special touch that makes her different from others”, “Simply special, has no rival”, “What a pleasure to see images of her posing like this ”and“ De Lima plays in a division superior to the rest ”were the comments.