Just out of the shower! Laura Tobón teaches you this. Attention!


It’s wonderful

When one is famous, anything ordinary is news. If taking a selfie is the most photographed at the moment you leave the shower is the super thing. And if above you are Laura Tobón, there is no longer any measure I can serve. She has been caught as she gets out of the bathtub … are you sure it was stolen and she wasn’t ready?

You can see that Laura believes all that happiness and inner peace that she tries to transmit on the basis of videos on her YouTube channel, at least she is accompanied by the calm of knowing that she is being taken a photograph wearing only a bathrobe and a towel tangled in the hair, because would we do the same in an identical situation?

She says in her comments that she will return to her online talks as if it were a guru who teaches classes to keep the smile all day on the face focusing on the good things and leaving aside the bad ones, that should be the Origin of her book ‘The magic is within you’ … and her smile.

Did anyone notice that you wear sunglasses to finish getting out of the shower?

And despite the whole picture being orchestrated, it cannot be denied that Laura looks impressive. Just the fact of letting it drain l to sleeve robe her arm is a  wakeup call for everyone who is watching, and how it covers but does not close her robe Cry to Heaven!

And those who know about this already say it, happiness is reflected in the face … and in the rest of the body! And judging by Laura’s images there is no doubt that she is very happy, but very much.