Infinity Ward apologizes for the large sizes of Modern Warfare updates


Call OF Duty: Modern Warfare is already famous for the immense size of its updates. Only the second season update patch weighs about 94GB, which takes up a lot of storage space and can take days to download, especially in areas with low-speed internet service. For this reason, game developers have turned to Twitter to post an apology.

This was said by the director of Infinity Ward:

“Taking advantage of the launch of the second season, I would like to apologize for the download size of this update .” Infinity Ward director Paul Haile said on Twitter when Season Two began this week. “We constantly try to fight the download size and space it occupies on disk and, in this case, we are forwarding new asset packages to reduce the overall size of the game.”

“This is what has caused today’s update to be so great. After downloading, it should be noted that although we have added the second season and all associated content, the total size of the game is reduced a little on the local hard drive. ”

“In this update, in addition to preventing the space that the game occupies on disk from increasing, we also take the opportunity to configure the data and achieve a better general administration, and thus prevent future updates from being so large, even during the launch of a new season”.

Haile concludes: “ I am very aware of the overall size of Modern Warfare and we are doing everything possible to minimize this for everyone. Thank you!”

The second season of Modern Warfare started this week, bringing with it one of the favorite maps of fans, Rust, and including new maps: Atlas Superstore, Zhukov Boneyard, and Bazaar. In the following weeks, it is expected that new content will be added, such as new maps, game modes, and weapons, as well as the arrival of the virtually confirmed Battle Royale mode, which we already talked about in a previous note.

What do you think about the size of this Modern Warfare update? How long would it take to install it?