Fortnite players are creating Dust 2 in the game: Does Valve’s best come to the most famous game in Epic?


If you love Fortnite, but you also love to play CS: GO, we will tell you that soon you can try the mix between them.

Team Evolve, a renowned creative group, has been responsible for recreating Fortnite the famous map set in the Middle East that appears in Counter-Strike, Dust 2. This group implemented the tools available in the Creative mode to generate this desert and sunny map. But that’s not all, keep in mind that you can play Search and Destroy to enjoy the full Counter experience. The classic desert eagles guns will also be included. It will definitely be a complete experience.

Also, Evolve announced that if this map has good reception by players, they will recreate other CS: GO maps in Fortnite. Two of his favorites for this project are Inferno and Mirage. Hopefully, they will succeed to continue developing other maps.

The release date of the Dust 2 map in Fortnite has not yet been pronounced, but the truth is that we will not have to wait months. It’s a relief. Then you can take a look.

What do you think of this new unofficial crossover between CS: Go and Fortnite?