Farewell! Sofia Vergara says ‘bye-bye’ to Gloria after 11 years by her side


The moments are over together

He has been giving life to Gloria Delgado-Prichett, the impolite Latina who delights in the ‘Modern Family’ series for so long, that it is no longer known whether when Sofía Vergara speaks she does the real thing or does the character of the series. The paper in the series runs out, and the entire series runs out!

They were already warning that this would be the last season in which ‘Modern family’ would be on the air and apparently this week the last chapters of the show have been filming, in April the series that catapulted the actress to success will be finished, The penalty between fans of the series and co-stars is the same!

Sofia acknowledges that since she was seen in the role of Gloria she did not have to go to any other audition in search of films, it was the directors themselves who addressed her requesting her presence on the tapes. Even Pepsi realized the pull of the Colombian and required it for her ads, she owes a lot to her television family!

The last meeting of the entire cast of actors to read the script of the final chapters has been published by Sofia announcing goodbye a couple of months in advance.

“Our last reading table …” says Vergara at the beginning of her goodbye while she lets see the degree of complicity that all the partners in the series have reached.

Once the series is over,  the actress will have to decide where to direct her talent. It has several projects on the table but none of them is on the big screen. She got tired of the usual papers and also recognizes without a bit of modesty in the series she earns more … and if Sofia says so, it is true.