Did you see it coming? Monica Naranjo leaves those of Mediaset lying


She just made her decision public

The silence fills the halls of Mediaset after learning of the decision Monica Naranjo. She leaves, leaves without leaving a substitute or apprentice to relieve her, the role of ‘mediator sui generis ‘ in ‘The island of temptations’ is vacant waiting for possible candidates. Monica has just made public that leaves those of Mediaset lying … almost nothing!

Looking at the tour of the presenter and how she has been jumping from one professional challenge to another, one might think that the singer has not just found the place to be more comfortable.

In music, she moves like a fish in the water and the presenter is not bad at all, so what is happening with Monica? Why have you decided not to renew your contract with that chain?

The success of the reality that has just ended has pushed the producer to plan the second edition of it that would begin early this summer, and as soon as Monica has heard about it, she has gotten off the ship. She has defected. But yes, she has said goodbye.

brief message on their networks is what has served to inform everyone of their cessation.

Problems when negotiating your cache? Differences when carrying the program? Or some more juicy offer from some other chain?

Administrative silence on both sides, but the way she once abandoned the program ‘The Voice’ to join the love program was much more different than what she used today.

If the thing is not resolved with haste, it is possible that those couples who want to test their love have to wait to do so, they are still in time to think twice …