Corruption 2029 already has its first gameplay of almost half an hour


The Bearded Ladies, the studio responsible for the great Mutant Year Zero, has published 28-minute video gameplay of its new title: Corruption 2029This new installment mixes elements of military tactics with the political and potentially violent drama of the Metal Gear Solid style. These elements include stealth, turn-based combat, cover combat, etc., all surrounded by a plot of American internal corruption.

Corruption 2029 takes place in the near future, probably dystopian, in the United States. You will take command of a squad whose purpose is to find out the wave of corruption that has taken over the country. The soldiers under your orders have a whole range of weapons and abilities at their disposal to tip the scales in their favor when the battle begins.

However, fighting will not always be the first option. You can always stealthily avoid potentially dangerous areas and address some encounters in a non-violent way. Some of these mechanics we saw in Mutant Year Zero, the previous delivery of The Bearded Ladies.

Here you can see the video of the gameplay: 

The release date of Corruption 2029 is February 17 at the Epic Games Store. It has not been confirmed if it will be launched on other platforms, although it is already customary for some games to appear on Steam a year after its launch in the EGS, so it will be necessary to be pending.

What did you think of this gameplay of Corruption 2029? Are you interested in the game?