¡Bombazo! Jon Kortajarena is the only one able to get the worst out of Brad Pitt!


It seems that Aniston’s ‘ex’ didn’t like a hair

Maybe the night of the statuettes is the least appropriate to approach to ask for autographs, either by the nerves or by the number of flashes and photos, the celebrities seem on the verge of collapse. Others hold the guy although his face shows them … Brad Pitt could not contain the gesture and his face has become the national talk, and that who was next to him was Jon Kortajarena, one of our most handsome men.

If dreaming of a photograph next to Jennifer Aniston’s husband is almost an illusion, doing so the night the Oscar was awarded to the best supporting actor is impossible. But having  Brad shot and not asking for a picture is like shooting all your dreams at close range, and Jon wasn’t willing.

But it seems that it was not the best time for autographs … or for photos …

Jon asks Pitt for a photo, Jon’s companion joins the photo and Brad … appears with a mask that is not at all his own!

Tired? Even the hairs of so many photos? Or did the gesture of having an arm on his shoulder seem too much to him?

And although Brad’s face is a poem and makes it clear how little he wanted to pose for the photo and in that company, Jon seems not to have realized and has uploaded it to the networks as if it were his most precious treasure.

“She couldn´t resist ‘says the model of her companion, Tiffany Haddish, referring to the makeshift union to the photo with Brad.

The face of a few friends of the actor says nothing. Perhaps for him, he is still the most handsome of all although he is tired of being asked for photos.