Black Mesa is already finished, the final trial version can be tested before its stable launch


We have nice news for Half-Life fans. It has been confirmed that  Black Mesa, the first half-life remake fan, is now finished.

This remake was developed by a group of fans called Crowbar Collective, who included it for approximately 5 years in the Steam Early Access program, and after hard work, they have already finished version 1.0.

After having a candidate version for the first complete and stable release, Crowbar Collective looks for players who contribute to the improvement of the game. In addition, they stated in a Steam announcement that “Obviously we want the 1.0 experience to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible … The game has been very stable during our internal tests, but we need to test on a wider set of players and machines.”

Crowbar Collective is in charge of polishing all the details. They are currently focused on the difficulty peaks. An example of this was the reconstruction of the combat spaces and improvement of the AI ​​of HECU and Vortigaunts, in the Earthbound section, however, they allege that they expect to see the reaction of the players to assess whether they have a balanced difficulty.

In this version, in addition, it was considered to balance the circumstances that arise in the player’s path. 50 wonderful achievements were also included, and they have thought that those who try them, leave their comments and recommendations, to be able to correct the necessary details before their launch, of which until now an official date is not known.

Are you anxious about version 1.0 of Black Mesa?