Would you guess who? And the most lucrative character of Will Smith is …


So much so that he is preparing his return

Will Smith is a money-making factory is something that cannot be doubted. Neither protagonist roles nor fleeting appearances in movies, no matter, his name is a claim whatever his percentage of appearance. And now some enlightened one has been put to account on how and how productive the actor is uncovering, which has been the character that has obtained more income!

Neither ‘I robot’, nor the saga of ‘Men in Black’ or even the much commented ‘Independence day’ reached the figures that Will achieved … embodying the genius of ‘Aladdin’! And not only that, the genie of the lamp has been guilty of making this film the most successful of the entire film career of the player.

And that when he was proposed the paper was not entirely sure … well less bad!

Nothing more and nothing less than a figure over 1 billion dollars is what Guy RitchieMadonna’s husband, and who was responsible for directing the film .

Given the numbers, the benefits and the success of the actor, Disney is already working on a second part that would continue this. The idea of ​​continuing with some more story of ‘The thousand and one nights’ adapted to the big screen is being considered.

‘Sinbad the sailor’ or ‘Ali Baba and the 40 thieves’ are some of the stories that are considered as a possible continuation of ‘Aladdin’.

What is known without any doubt is that Smith will reappear on the tape accompanied by Naomi Scott in the role of Jasmine.

As a genius, thief, sailor or any other role it is known that having Will is synonymous with success. You just have to see the numbers though … there is no need to account!