With that in your mouth! Kimberly Loaiza adds millions! for photographing like this


Like if it was the most normal thing in the world

Being considered the YouTuber with the greatest influence on the land in which one is born entitles many things, and having it believed is one of them. Although if you are Kimberly Loaiza and you have a face like hers, the least you can do is believe you are the queen of the seas!

He prides herself on not having a university degree but the most viewed and followed channel in all of Mexico, who needs anything else if cash flows into her house?

And not only for her part, but her partner Juan de Dios Pantoja is also dedicated to the same … and with the same success!

The naturalness of Kimberly is that provided by a good handful of followers in a very short time, there is nothing simpler or more plain than sharing the way Kimberly eats a candy!

His videos on YouTube have nothing to do with the advice of Paulatips or the sarcastic videos of Andrea Espada. Kimberly talks about her day to day as if she was having a conversation with a friend of the most mundane issues, will she also talk about how to get attention while eating a candy? 

From going to buy a rocking chair and falling to the ground when testing it to the results of your rhinoplasty. Everything. With Kimberly, there are no secrets.

And if this naturalness is the dominant note of her whole life, it is not surprising at all that the YouTuber shares with her followers the way in which a candy, a lollipop is brought to her mouth, while releasing a pearl in the form of a comment in which she says “turn off the light”.

Will it be more naughty than what your face indicates?

Apparently candy, photography, and comment could be a hint to your boy … Although the same sharing profession is spoken through videos.