Ultimatum! Chabelita short ties Asraf Beno and forbids it!


The days of wine and roses are over

How beautiful is love until it ceases to be! This is what Asraf Beno is probably thinking right now and after his girlfriend, Chabelita has denied him one of his biggest dreams … the same and everything has their days numbered!

And that it seemed that Pantoja’s daughter was a mauve and only opened her mouth to throw darts at her brother and part of the clan that lives in Cantora. But no, the daughter of the cordillera has for everyone, even for her crush!

It turns out that he who claims to be a model had all his illusions set to participate in the next edition of ‘Survivors’. Asraf was already seeing himself on the island, learning to fish and wearing a bullfighter’s body when … Chabelita forbade it!

Such has been Asraf’s insistence and so many have been the desire that Chabelita has not found another way out than to give her an ultimatum: or the island, or her.

And in those is Beno … although he has the whole look of claudicating in favor of a love that doesn’t look like that at all.

It is noted that Chabelita’s head still contains the moments he shared in Honduras, in this same program and with which he is the father of his son, Alberto Isla. The same is the lack of food and having the family away make strange things go through your head and even a wedding like yours is celebrated at the seashore!

The representatives of Asraf – because now he is known and all the popular ones have to have one – they want to take away the matter and deny the major, Chabelita has nothing to do with the decision of the brunette.

But in this, as in all things, when the river sounds …