Top Secret! Sylvester Stallone says that Rambo has the days counted!


Try it with other types of papers

Sylvester Stallone ‘feels the legs again’ and that his character Rambo never uttered that phrase either in the original version or in the translation. The actor who gave life to the green beret veteran of the Vietnam War is in luck. And not for re- embodying his most iconic character, but for his return to the cinema. ‘Little America’ is the opportunity that  Hollywood has offered the actor again.

The truth is that Stallone’s appearances on the big screen after the Rambo saga can be counted on the fingers of one hand. And they have gone from bad to worse, why lie. The fifth installment of his most mythical character went through theaters without penalty or glory, his character has the days counted and has managed to take a nomination … but to the Razzie awards!

The prize for the worst cinematographic work … and the worst cosmetic surgeon! although that is another story …

The fact is that he has been lucky, the telephone has rung again in his house and the role of an elite soldier who has the mission of finding the daughter of a millionaire has been for him. He returns to action and the papers in which we all remember him.

In addition to playing one of the central characters of the film, Stallone has also been responsible for producing the film in the company of Michael Bay, it is noted that the actor wants to show that he still has power in front of the camera and that he now even begins to have it behind.

Little else is known about the film that will bring back the Rambo interpreter of film exile. What is known is that seen the results of the green beret box office, Rambo has fallen out of favor and has the days counted.

The same with ‘Little America’ achieves what he did not achieve with the other, even if it is little and Rambo does not appear.