PUBG will incorporate Team Deathmatch as an official mode in its 6.2 update


The 6.2 updates for PC will bring as a novelty the debut of the new Team Deathmatch game mode, which will be added as a temporary mode in its “Arcade” game list that will coexist with the popular Battle Royale mode that took the game to the top before Start losing popularity.

This is what the official statement says: 

“The foundations of PUBG are based on the premise of Battle Royale, but we know that sometimes you want to change a bit. That is why we present Arcade, a new game mode in PUBG, which maintains the shooting mechanics that you like so much, but in new game modes that are an exciting challenge. The idea is to add new game forms to this Arcade mode that will rotate. At the moment we will start with a First-Person Shooters classic, the Team Death Match.

PUBG Team Death Match brings intense 8-on-8 fights on 7 different battlefields drawn from your favorite maps. You can choose between different weapon configurations to make your way to victory with the classic mechanics of PUBG. Whether you enjoy the challenge of 8v8 battles or just looking for new ways to practice your aim in intense combat scenarios, with this mode you can launch yourself directly into action.

For fans who prefer the Battle Royale, don’t worry! Our main concern is to continue offering the most realistic and intense experience possible of the Battle Royale. ”

Team Death Rules

  • 8 against 8.
  • FPP only.
  • Appearance kits enabled.
    • Open the map to select the weapon appearance kit.
  • Reappearances are enabled.
    • Players will reappear 5 seconds after death.
    • Players will reappear near their allies if the position is secure.
    • Players will be invulnerable for a short interval after reappearing.
  • Knocked out is disabled.
    • No knockouts
  • The fire friend is deactivated.
  • Deaths and assists fill the enhancer meter.
    • If players do not take damage for 5 seconds, the enhancer meter will start emptying to fill the health bar.
  • Players will be ejected from the game if they spend some time away from the keyboard.
  • Players who leave the game may not return.
    • This includes the accidental departure of the game or crashing.

Victory conditions

  • The first group that gets 50 casualties or the one with the highest number of casualties in 10 minutes will win the round.
  • Winning 2 rounds ensures victory in the game.


  • BP will only be awarded based on the individual score.
  • EXP will not be granted.

Are you going to try this new mode of PUBG?