Michelle Lewin’s video, vacuuming like this! that breaks records


It doesn’t do it anyway

Forget about considering housework as the most tedious and boring. Some have found in them the way to relieve the stress of their day today. Although we must recognize that the attitude also counts … No one imagined that Michelle Lewin can have fun vacuuming?

Incredible but true, or the athlete knows how to get the good side of things that at first glance do not have it or Michelle has fun exercising as a housewife, there are tastes for everything!

It is noted that since the mannequin added music to her workouts to make them more bearable – ‘Strong by Zumba’ is a success that ensures continuity in routines – music accompanies you in all the dullest or boring tasks, or Isn’t it an alternative to dancing with background music while cleaning the floor?

We must also bear in mind that the appearance and the way of being at home of the fitness athlete at all coincide with the concept of comfortable clothes in which we think. Because let’s face it, does anyone have shorts and a top like hers to vacuum?

Perhaps it was not only to show that Michelle also works at home but also the results in her body of the work she does in the gym … or did anyone notice the size of her abs?

And if it is difficult to find the right time to clean, even more, complicated is to do it dancing!

Maintain the rhythm, smile and move hips while passing the vacuum cleaner. And while looking at the camera, Michelle is a machine in coordination and naturalness!

It’s nice to see how some have fun with what others avoid, although the same is not so much Michelle’s fondness for the vacuum cleaner, perhaps the taste only lasted the same as this video … very little!