As you’ve never seen her! Suzy Cortez in shorts at the gym!


Squeeze your moments of the sport before the carnivals arrive

The carnivals are approaching and all our celebrities prepare for the wiggle based on Samba or Champeta. Although there are those who prefer to spend hours in the gym so that their muscles look like never before. And that Suzy Cortez does not need more gym although she insists!

The athlete has to be used thoroughly if she wants to excel in her land, Brazil does not repair when celebrating carnivals and  Suzy does not want to disappoint, does she not realize that it is impossible with her?

Therefore, gymnasium, so that it is noted that although the title of Miss Bumbum achieved it long ago she is still an ideal candidate to receive it again.

Or can you say something else when you see it?

And what are we going to fool ourselves for, the model looks impressive with the shorts she has chosen to go to the gym, is it our thing or is Cortez going through her sporting times?

A lot of muscle defined wherever you look at it, the Brazilian has developed her body, to say enough!

Did anyone notice the size of your abs?

His shorts are almost not seen by the width of her legs!

It is logical that looking like this, the lawyer also took the opportunity to create a more private profile were to finish giving details about her physique to everyone she wants. For now, it only opens our appetite with small shorts and a top that is even more so.

The bad thing about these shorts is that they can’t see the tattoo with Messi’s face that Suzy has done for the groin area …

The same with the carnival bikini reveals the final result of the athlete’s face on her body.