Another little brother! Daniela Ospina does not expect it: This has happened!


The bomb has arrived

Daniela Ospina has received Shannon’s bomb statements from Lima. In them, it was surprising to hear the Venezuelan assure that she is very happy today with James Rodríguez, who has a great relationship with her two children, Salome and Samuel, and many other bombs. As, for example, that the idea of ​​getting married does not happen because of her plans, something she sees as a waste of time and money, since she already did it with Marc Anthony, and she realized that they are all problems, well, then, if they want to separate, there must be many roles involved.

But what struck most was that she affirmed her intention to have another child. Because she already had the opportunity to do it just a year ago, when the Colombian soccer player proposed the idea of ​​getting pregnant, but she ruled it out. Because they had only been going out for a few months, and I saw everything too fast and hasty. In addition, she did not want to lose her sensational figure and her curves, which she has achieved based on hard work and effort, all thinking about the summer. I was not going to throw it away in this way, staying on tape. An idea, that of being a mother again, that has left even ‘Dani’ speechless, that was not expected at all.

Because it seems that this is the year in which Salome, the daughter of Ospina and James, can have up to two more little brothers, who would join Samuel. One, from Shannon, who leaves the door open, and her father, and another, from her mother, who recently also confessed that she would like to swell the family and give birth again. And if she doesn’t do it now, she has a stable partner, music video producer Harold Jiménez, then when will she do it?