Activision continues to advance Battle Royale mode for Modern Warfare, but not to mention it


Battle Royale mode seems to be getting closer in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward has not yet confirmed, but now that the second season has begun, there is little room for doubt. The new kinematics that receives players in this Season 2 is full of clues and clues that the gameplay is on its way. 

The new kinematics introduces us to Ghost, who finds that there is “something is not right in Verdansk”, as the soldiers start shooting each other, and asks Price for reinforcements. There is a camera distance and we have a place where you can see a ruined airport, where you can see small skirmishes and explosions happening all over the place. While the shot is moving away, a giant map is shown surrounded by a circle of green mist, while a handful of soldiers join the battle by jumping from an airplane.

That folks is undoubtedly a Battle Royale. The main menu also received an update with a new, locked option, which says “Classified”, right next to ‘Campaign’, ‘Multiplayer’ and ‘Co-Op’ suggesting that a new game mode will be available alongside all three originals

Here you can appreciate both the kinematics and the new option in the menu:

Blackout mode of Black Ops 4 instantly became one of the best Battle Royale games in the genre, and fans have been asking to return to Modern Warfare almost since its launch. Hopefully, the Infinity Ward version of the genre is just as good.

Would you like a Battle Royale mode in Modern Warfare?