The Shadow Arena playable beta launches on February 27 and you can register


Pearl Abyss today announces its new fighter arena: Shadow Arena, whose playable Beta will be available to play from February 27 to March 8.

This new title faces 40 players against each other in a ruthless competition where the last one standing on the battlefield wins. Players can choose from one of nine playable characters in this Beta version, each with its unique fighting style. To reach the top, players must hunt monsters and collect loot to improve their equipment and get improvements. However, impeccable execution of skills and using evasive tactics in a timely manner are critical to decant the battle in their favor.

While it was initially conceived as a game mode within Black Desert, it eventually became an independent game. While Shadow Arena is based on Black Desert, it has created its own style based on the genres MOBA, BattleRoyale, and MMO.

Shadow Arena has two game modes: individual and team. While players can boast their ability in individual mode, in team mode it is necessary to create complex strategies to win the victory. Players can enjoy a new PvP action style with cooperative elements.

The game is currently offered in English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese as available languages.

Shadow Arena will initially be released for PC during the first half of 2020 and will arrive on consoles sometime later.

Are you going to try the Shadow Arena beta?