Melina Ramírez puts on her shirt (and shows them looking at camera)


Didn’t she realize what she was doing?

Now that she says she has regained her life again, Melina Ramírez returns to do her own thing with her inns, it must be for that reason to be “calm” after having broken up with Mateo CarvajalRe-represent brands and take photos with the usual shirts, even collect them!

She set herself the goal of recovering her life and public appearances while losing the overweight she had taken during her pregnancy. And willpower has not lacked her, because she has not neglected her moments of exercise or her diet, but without setting a goal in time to recover her figure, that says it is her secret.

Even in her own house, she has installed a kind of sports area where she goes when she wants without losing sight of her son, Melina has everything in mind!

And it is that her work involves certain physical requirements that the model knows very well, hence Ramírez’s intention to return to her measurements as soon as possible.

But as the process is slow and you have to show the progress the presenter has taken a break while exercising to put on the shirt and let her abs look!

Melina is recovering the muscle and the figure!

It shows that she is well and that she is satisfied with what she has achieved so far, but she also wants us to know it, hence a gesture that is not naive at all … even if she wants to make it clear.

In her comments, she says she has proposed “stop repeating lunch” as another measure to achieve her purposes, and the truth is that she would not have to do it, it is obvious that she is on the right track.

Although Melina is one of those who is clear about what she wants and will not stop until she succeeds.