Lying in the grass! Shakira and Piqué are caught eating kisses!


They know they are looking at them and they don’t stop

After her moment ago in the middle time of the Super Bowl and the memes and comments that raised her gestures, Shakira seems to have returned to normal. The reason why Piqué did not send her a single public message to cheer her up in her performance or congratulate her on her birthday is still in the air, but apparently … that was forgotten, they are more in love than ever!

Love is in the air that this couple breathes no matter how much they insist on imagining crisis and talking about supposed bad times. Nothing, all talk. Shakira is still as pledged by his soccer player as when she met him. And it’s the same with him.

Or is lying on the grass eating kisses not proof enough?

Well, that’s how they got caught … and they didn’t stop doing it!

The reason they have told the world to explain the absence of the player in one of the most important days of Colombian life has been the excess of professional commitments, Piqué was summoned by his club to play against Levante, everything has an Explanation!

And that Shak dedicated the moment to wear the same shoes as the day he met … did anyone talk about the crisis?

After the event, the singer and the footballer dedicated themselves to sharing carantoñas in the grass while their children ran by their side demonstrating that with them there are more gossip and gossip than truth.

At the moment two children although from the Super Bowl there are those who believe they have seen a Shakira with something more of ‘belly’ that could be pregnant again.

For now, silence and kisses shared in the grass. But even if they confirm nothing, if the rumors are true, it will soon be visible.