Activision Blizzard CEO says mobile devices are his most important platform


Activision entered the mobile market stomping with its Call Of Duty: Mobile. The game got a lot of downloads, left huge profits and was one of the most profitable games of 2019. Therefore, one would think that it is natural for more mobile games to come in the future, and apparently, that is precisely what It will happen.

As revealed by Bobby Kotick, the CEO of Activision-Blizzard, mobile phones have quickly become their main target platform. Kotick spoke during his last quarterly financial report of the great success of Call Of Duty: Mobile, and how mobile phones are now Activision’s “leading platform,” for which games are already in development and others are on the way. Kotick also highlighted “other unannounced Call Of Duty initiatives” that are expected to help with the growth of the brand.

“With the introduction of Call Of Duty: Mobile, our player base grew from 40 to 100 million in less than a year, “ said Kotick. “And we expect significant growth of the Call Of Duty franchise in 2020 compared to 2019 as a result of this and other unannounced Call Of Duty initiatives. The mobile platform is, in fact, our leading platform. The Call Of Duty: the Mobile business model is free to play, which allows the accelerated development of large communities of players who have the option to purchase items and services, and our ability to generate profits with ads. ”

Recent reports speak of a leak of an infinite mobile runner from Crash Bandicoot, developed by King. It is clear that Activision wants to take advantage of its main titles in the mobile market.

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