Yuliett Torres’s most risky skirt: The picture was taken with her!


The model wants to encourage the practice of sport

It ‘s no wonder that sometimes Yuliett Torres gives a warning, even censor your Instagram account. The model often goes to excess … do not realize that it is not necessary? A fringe-based mini and a picture with her is enough to know why they call her the ‘Mexican Kim Kardashian’.

Today she is not a full-fledged celebrity if she does not practice fitness. Between the one, they consider ‘goddess of sport’, Jen Selter, and the one that makes the competition to the sisters of the clan share most of the success of the sports cake. Of course, each with its routines and its way of understanding how to make clear the benefits of the sport.

But it shows that Mexico gives a lot of importance to the physicist. Recognizes that there are women who are not comfortable with the one they have and always encourages them to resort to the sport as a solution. She sets herself as an example and wears skirts like today, so we can see that everything is possible!

Can Yuliett move without the garment discovering more than she would have liked? Or do you prefer to take risks?

You can not deny, Yuliett is stunning and the group she has chosen does justice to her physique, and it is known that she only uses it to encourage others … or not?

Since she became known when she was a shop assistant in a store until today, not much time has passed, although the athlete has been able to take advantage of her at the stroke of a photo. With skirts like today, with leggings to do sports and even with excessively tuned shorts always with the aim that you notice the turning of your body.

And to encourage others … it’s not just about showing the world how spectacular it is, is it?