Was expected! Nicky Jam becomes Will Smith’s favorite ‘bad boy’


The relationship between them comes from time back

Nicky Jam is lucky, he changes his profession whenever he wants and in which he always tries, he succeeds. And the same goes for Will Smith . They go from the song to the performance without a problem but without losing sight of their true vocation. Nicky has tried to become the bad guy in the movie with Will Smith and they are still celebrating it!

The relationship between these two comes from time ago, when the Puerto Rican singer gave him to sing his song ‘Live it up’ written in collaboration with Will and that became the official theme of the World Cup in Russia a couple of years ago. And before that they had already shared moments of reggaeton and dance, they were something like rhythm colleagues.

The thing is different now. The singer has gone on to become the villain of the saga starring Smith and Martin Lawrence in the third installment of ‘Bad Boys’, detectives from the two previous installments have to deal with Zway-Lo, the character’s bad this third delivery and that is in charge of Nicky, his features go with the role to play!

Advice from the actors laughs, and scenes that were repeated a thousand times to get the desired result is the singer’s balance of his time on the big screen.

And that he had already played a role in ‘xXx: Return of Xander Cage’, and although with Vin Diesel the thing was on wheels, it shows that with Will Smith the experience has gone further, he says he wants more papers and not only in action movies!

It is clear that the music does not leave it, that the cinema also likes it and if it is in the company of Smith much more!