Wanda Nara lowers her dress: Antonella Roccuzzo doesn’t beat it!


Argentina, the protagonist

Wanda Nara is a specialist in raising the temperature and warming the environment with photos, videos or risque statements. Something that has already become much more than a habit or a ‘hobby’ and that has evolved into a profession and a lifestyle. And, despite the criticism she receives, she is not afraid to take the risk of uploading spicy snapshots, which touch the censorship or sometimes even exceed it. The only word she takes into account is that of her husband, Mauro Icardi, and as long as she does not mind what she does, she does not give the slightest importance to what others comment on, which they usually get carried away by hate and envy.

And no wonder, seeing catches like this. Here, we can see the great physical attractiveness of Argentina, one of the most beautiful, beautiful and desired women not only from South America or Europe but also from the entire planet. To begin, the look at the camera, half turned to the left, already wastes sensuality and puts more than one with the creeps. That, accompanied by her blond hair that reaches halfway back. A back that is completely naked, where you can see its thin waist, and its tail, very firm and laid. And a dress that is being removed that marks her body even more and better. 

“It’s a woman’s sculpture, a work of art,” “There should be a picture of Wanda in every museum on the planet,” “There is no one who surpasses it, not even your dear Antonella Roccuzzo,” play in another league, has no competitor “or” Nara is one of the reasons I love the summer “were the comments.