Serious! And it’s from Jessica Cediel: this has happened to her. Last minute!


It is still absent in its social networks

Many have been the comments that have appeared on the occasion of Jessica Cediel’s media silence. Neither publications in their networks nor communication from their production company. Nothing. Just broke the news that the presenter is separated from the world for health reasons, do we have to worry?

Since December the Colombian dropped the news of a withdrawal not too far for health reasons. Not even the marriage proposal of her boyfriend Mack Roesch served to mitigate her grief.

Now it has been known that Jessica has had to go through the operating room again to finish removing the polymers that were placed years ago and that so many health problems brought her.

Remember that the model went to a well-known plastic surgeon to increase the size of the lower back with such bad luck that the operation was a disaster,  instead of injecting it with hyaluronic acid – as she says she asked – another substance was injected which caused lipodystrophy.

Physical, psychological damage, job loss and lawsuits, and lawsuits are what Jessica has tried to leave behind but apparently without luck.

It is known that the model has traveled to Colombia accompanied by Mack to undergo a new operation to try to end the rest of the substances that are still around her body.

At the moment there is no news from close friends and the silence in networks of the model is still striking, although we must recognize that we were already notified.

It is commented that the recovery of this type of operation is not easy, although knowing the disposition of the model and the good company sure will make it more bearable.

It only remains to wait to know the result, and that is Jessica’s task and her return to life online.