Revealed on video! Elizabeth Loaiza’s trick to have a 10 body!


It takes time to do it

We like nothing more than knowing the beauty secrets of our celebrities so that we can reproduce them. And that the results are never the same. Elizabeth Loaiza is one of those who shares her tricks, she knows that getting to get something similar to what she has is too complicated!

Although it is appreciated that she reveals how she takes care of herself … and that she encourages us to do the same.

The model has told on a thousand occasions how to practice sports – and that she does not belong to the ‘fitness club’ so fashionable, everything is said – and this time she reveals how to make a healthy breakfast without any fat.

And when we see her, we can’t help wondering, does Elizabeth realize how much time her recipe is and how little we have in the morning for it?

It seems that she has read us the thought and does not let us share her video … but you can tell that table sharing is going!

Although if your figure is based on avocado, egg and the first-hour sandwich … you will have to consider getting up early to look like her!

He says that it is a ‘super easy’ meal to prepare at home, but part of the preparation does not appear in the video, and it is not that we need instructions for it, is that Loaiza has again forgotten the time it takes to do what!

It is logical to think that starting the morning with a breakfast similar to yours will suppose that we are not hungry until almost lunchtime, but it was about that, right?

The fact is that seeing her so great, from early in the morning and without getting ready for the video encourages others to get down to the dough and decide to start using their secret.

Although some of us get up so sleepy and so unwilling to eat that coffee is enough for us, won’t Elizabeth have fallen for it?