Not even with that dress convinces! Belinda didn’t do it at all, good!


It’s weird that you’re wrong with your choices

When one gets used to being the winning horse of all races, failure feels worse than a burned horn, it is what it has not to be accustomed to losing. Something like this is what is happening with Belinda, although they want to decorate and sell it in another way, this time not even her dress has convinced!

Despite her young age she has been so lucky and has collected so many prizes that when she was proposed to be the protagonist of a musical she did not think twice, and that she with the theater had not had much contact.

The music is not scary and being the protagonist of the musical ‘Today I can not get up’ of the group Mecano was a challenge worthy of a consecrated singer. Sixty functions in their land were a challenge that could not be denied.

Rehearsal hours to offer the best to your audience and get into the skin of Mary, the protagonist, to become the same person.

Last week the musical premiered, and apparently … it convinces neither Belinda nor the costumes!

Neither the special effects, nor the lights that flooded with colors, or the scenarios – each more bizarre – to place the public in context were missing. Belinda’s voice fell small compared to those who performed the choirs and even the odd choreography of the Mexican was noticed.

¿ Nerves for standing up for the first time a role like this?

Of all the repertoire that Belinda sang the song ‘Son of the Moon ‘ was the one who interpreted with more force according to those who heard it.

Perhaps it is because the singer has recognized that it is the theme that touches the fiber and the favorite of all those who make up the musical. Something else was expected and in the first function could not be, the same in the following there is more luck.