Maluma spends 300,000 euros without disheveled and in five minutes!


And all on a whim

The good thing about having a lot of money and not knowing how much cash is available is that one can do whatever he wants without paying attention to expenses, especially if he comes from a humble family. Maluma has achieved what he would never have imagined, and doing what he likes best!

From becoming a gift to anyone who was not received even to listen to their models to be an earthly god who turns everything he touches into gold, so has been his career. And once they taste of success is known it is difficult to remember the origins again … at least for some.

At the end of last month, the singer turned 26 and celebrated with a party that lasted several days, surrounded by luxury and with guests like  Madonna or Ricky Martín.

Gifts for his day, although not expected by him …

And since cash is not a problem in his life today, Maluma decided to give himself away what he had always dreamed of. In the garage of the singer now sleeps a Ferrari sports model 2020.

In less than five minutes he disbursed about 300,000 euros without disheveled!

two-seater model that will keep company with the Porsche Boxter GTS, the Lamborghini Huracán and the newspaper model, an Audi A4 that in its day was known to have, does it show that it likes cars and does not repair expenses?

“The baby is here,” writes next to a publication in which he announces his new whim, and all for his birthday!

The cost of the car stays at nothing if we remember the nearly 24 million dollars that your private jet cost, almost nothing!

You can tell that money has stopped being a problem for the singer, right?