It squeezes her so much that she can’t even walk! Victoria Lomba is overcome


With this, you can not go to the gym

Victoria Lomba has accustomed her followers to see her always divine. Neither a bad face nor a randomly chosen style, ‘the crazy woman of fitness’ – as she calls herself – will lose her north with exercise but when choosing to the style she has her head in place. 

Although sometimes the chosen one is not as comfortable as it should … and has difficulty moving!

As a personal trainer or as an international bodybuilding athlete Victoria has few chances to get long shots to go to work. That is why when the weekend comes the sportswoman parks the sportswear and removes the artillery from the closet, choosing what to wear and how to do it is not bad at all!

The sportswoman has said goodbye to leggings and sneakers and has put on some musketeer-style boots with ribbons to fasten them so that her calves are so tight that she can hardly move!

“To be beautiful you have to suffer,” said the protagonist of a television series a long time ago and it seems that Victoria has learned it by heart and takes it to heart … at least with her shoes.

What it costs to be fashionable and dress on Saturday … although she does not seem to care!

True, this time the athlete has been restrained when looking for what to wear and how to surprise, although a simple shirt adorned with a belt, with a physique like her, says a lot.

And instead of overdoing it with the accessories or with the costumes this time it has done it with the footwear… will your feet be able to withstand those heels? And the pressure of those ribbons that compress half a leg?

Surely you have a crazy desire to finish the weekend to return to the comfort and take off your heels.