In Red Dead Online cheats are making two-headed skeletons appear


You walk quietly through the town when suddenly PUM! a two-headed skeleton attacks you. Yes, two heads. Well, this is what several Red Dead Online players have been experiencing, after the invasion of hackers who have been making these creatures appear that attack the players.

It is not clear if they do twice as much damage by having an extra head, although we are pretty sure that you cannot skin them after beating them. Here you can appreciate how these creatures look.

There is even a post that says the same thing is happening on PS4, but it has not been verified.

“For those who wanted a video to prove that this was not a montage made in Photoshop, ok, here is the video, captured with my phone so you can see that it is recorded from the monitor.”

There are even threads in Steam on the subject. According to some of the comments, hackers are attacking from the skies, using hacks from an advantageous point like a hot air balloon. If you suddenly find yourself attacked by a bony assailant, look at the sky and you could find the culprit among the clouds.

Already attacked a two-headed skeleton in Red Dead Online?